'Pincrediball' in bright orange letters


The Automata Pinball Wizard game!

You design the machine, in order for the automated pinball player to achieve the best score they can get. Create the best and most crazy pinball machine layouts and see where this will take you and the automata!


Out of all the recent games I've created and played, this is my absolute favorite! Fantastic idea!

-Jeroen, game's creator

Pinball is my all-time favorite game category, and this game redefines the genre!


Development Stage

The game is currently under development. It's a one-person, six-week mini-sabbatical project. Or at least the initial design and prototyping is. Heck, it's not even 100% sure that the game will ever be released! But that won't be for lack of trying.

The process is largely out in the open though! So that's something to enjoy already. Here's the initial design, but be sure to check the devlog for more frequent updates.

Design overview of 'Pincrediball' showing the game screen with annotations

Road Map

What's quite sure is that the design and idea will be completed during Q1-2023 (you can follow active progress on the GitHub Kanban Board). What's less sure is when (or if) the rest of the game will be completed. Because it's a side-project, which should remain fun at all times! But be sure to let me know if you're looking forward to the end result; that might push me to maybe complete the game... Who knows!?

Q1 2023

  • Game design
  • Website, socials
  • Prototype

Q1 2023 - Never?

  • Finish Early Access
  • Publish on Steam
  • Publish on Itch.io
  • Earn at least $1!

Q2 2023 - Never?

  • Finish version 1.0
  • Kickstart(er for) 2.0?

Stay up to date!

There's multiple ways to stay up to date with the latest developments around Pincrediball!